'We've waited for so long': Jordan fans revel in Asian Cup success after reaching final

Supporters across the UAE and Jordan tell of joy after historic semi-final victory over South Korea

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Football fans have expressed their delight after Jordan's shock 2-0 win over South Korea saw them secure their place in the final of the Asian Cup for the first time.

Jordan manager Hussein Ammouta said his players “delivered a heroic performance” on Tuesday night.

Across the UAE, the triumph ignited an outpouring of joy and pride among Jordanians in the Emirates.

“I’m so proud of my country’s achievement,” Yousef Al Jebor, 24, told The National after watching the match while on holiday in Dubai.

“There is a major development in the team’s performance through the tournament. I can’t believe we are in the final.

“Our hopes are high now. My wish is to win the trophy for the first time ever.”

It was the Jordan national football team's biggest achievement, with the side ranked 87th in the world having only managed a handful of group-stage exits in previous competition appearances.

Jordan fans celebrate reaching Asian Cup final

Jordan fans celebrate reaching Asian Cup final

Dr Shadi Al Shaikh, a 40-year-old dentist living in Dubai, said the victory was more than just a sporting success.

“We've waited for this moment for so long,” he said.

“The match was a symbol of hope and unity for our nation. Seeing our team reach the final fills us with pride and joy beyond words.

“I watched the match with Emirati friends in UAE who were supporting our team.”

For 34-year-old Faisal Arshidat, a tourist in Dubai, the win was a dream come true.

“I’m thrilled and no words can describe my feelings now,” Mr Arshidat said.

“The team has shown incredible spirit and we are all behind them, every step of the way.

“Our players showed determination in the field. Nobody thought we could be in the final before the tournament but we did it.”

In Jordan, scores lined the streets of Amman waving flags after the match, with some main roads blocked off amid scenes of jubilation.

Cafes and fast-food restaurants, having promised complimentary coffee or food in the event of victory, were packed with many wearing the team's white shirt and several adults clad in traditional Jordanian and Bedouin scarves.

“There is something different about them this time,” said retired businessman Abdelwahab Hamed, who had gathered his extended family to watch the game at his home in the fifth circle area of west Amman.

“It seems the coach has been given enough authority to choose the team and hone them as he sees fit.”

Asked whether he would prefer to see Jordan playing Iran or Qatar in the final, Mr Hamed said “Qatar, of course.

“Skill-wise, we're are on par with the Iranians but we lack the physical strength they possess.”

Updated: February 07, 2024, 12:33 PM