Wolf Moon graces UAE skies - in pictures

Stargazers across country enjoy first full moon of the year

The Wolf Moon rises over Abu Dhabi on January 25. Roy Cooper / The National
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People in the UAE enjoyed a celestial treat when the first full moon of the year, known as the Wolf Moon, lit up the night sky on Thursday.

Stargazers were able to enjoy a full view of the Wolf Moon from about 5.30pm onwards.

Those seeking a more detailed view were able to use a telescope or binoculars to marvel at the details of the lunar surface. The name originates from the traditional practice of naming full moons based on seasons, crops and animal behaviours.

The name Wolf Moon is believed to have been inspired by the wolf howls often heard in parts of the world during this time of year. But it is no different from any other full moon, which occurs when it is at its brightest moon phase, reflecting more light from the Sun to Earth.

The cycle of lunar phases lasts close to a month, at 29.5 days, a period known as the synodic month.

Typically, a full moon occurs once every calendar month. But when a full moon takes place within the first two days of a given month, a second full moon may occur in the same month.

Other names for January's full moon include the Centre Moon, Cold Moon, Frost Exploding Moon, Freeze Up Moon, Severe Moon, and Hard Moon, reflecting the nature of the northern hemisphere's midwinter period.

These traditional names are catalogued in the Farmer's Almanac, an American journal that has been published annually since 1792.

The next full moon – the Snow Moon – will occur on February 24, followed by the Worm Moon on March 25.

Wolf Moon around the world — in pictures

Updated: January 26, 2024, 6:20 AM