UAE-based influencers say Dh150m scheme will create opportunities for all

Content creators welcome UAE's support for the digital sector

Gehna Advani believes the new headquarters could host workshops, training and educational programmes to help influencers increase their skills. Photo: Gehna Advani
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Influencers in the UAE have welcomed a Dh150 million fund for content creators, saying it will create new opportunities.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, announced the initiative to support content creators and influencers on Wednesday.

Sheikh Mohammed also said a permanent headquarters for influencers would be created.

The news has been widely welcomed by leading young influencers, including Dubai-based Gehna Advani.

“This will help support young influencers like me to grow, evolve and develop new skills as well as launch a brand or business in the evolving landscape of digital media,” said Ms Advani, an Indian beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer.

“A headquarters would be super-helpful for individuals who might not have access to certain resources. This will create various opportunities for all.”

The scheme, a collaboration between the Government Media Office and the New Media Academy, is designed to serve as a central hub for influencers and content creators.

“This is a great way to provide more economic growth in this sector and just embrace artistry. It will also be beneficial for positioning this region as a hub for digital content creation,” Ms Advani told The National.

“It will bring content creators together to meet up and discuss ideas, potential collaborations and help growth as well as being a great place to provide influencers with a space where studios, equipments and other tools are readily available.”

Creating fortunes

Being a social media influencer is already a lucrative business for some. Especially in the UAE where some charge up to $8,000 per post.

Emirati Ahmed Alkhawaja, 30, is a content creator based in Abu Dhabi.

“This is a very big initiative and it's not just on a local or regional scale. This is global because it showcases how the UAE government is really interested in helping out all these content creators and empowering them,” Mr Alkhawaja said.

“I think it will open up more opportunities for me to work with more organisations, institutions and businesses.”

Mr Alkhawaja believes that content creation comes with responsibility and can be a vital way to spread awareness and messages.

“This will help me have the confidence to go on to a bigger scale when it comes to content creation and having a headquarters here will help influencers connect with each other, exchange ideas, brainstorm and at the same time create great initiatives,” he said.

“Content creation is the best way spread my knowledge because it allows me to spread it on a massive scale, not only in the UAE but the entire region, since my content is in Arabic.”

A whole new world

Walid Elmusrati, 33, from Libya, is a content creator in the travel sector and is looking forward to experiencing the new influencer headquarters.

“This is much-needed, and having a place that will host us all year round will definitely have a huge benefit,” he said.

“UAE support to creators has been endless. I am overwhelmed about the initiative, and the news brought me so much excitement.”

Mr Elmusrati's started out 18 years ago as a blogger, before moving to online radio and then, more recently, to platforms such as Instagram.

“The support creatives receive in the UAE is incomparable,” he said.

“This will definitely attract new content creators to the UAE and the market will get even bigger.”

Emirati Mohamed Alnaqbi, 24, creates educational content about cybersecurity, technology and coding.

“A lot of people were encouraged to get into cybersecurity after watching my videos which made me happy,” said Mr Alnaqbi, who is based in Abu Dhabi.

“For beginners that want to start a career in content creation, such an initiative will help them by teaching them skills like editing, coming up with ideas and writing scripts.

“It also means content creators like me can gather together and make connections.”

Updated: January 11, 2024, 6:11 PM