Passengers on flight from Dubai arrested with gold worth $230,000

Delhi customs intercepts passenger attempting to avoid $25,000 import duties

Three Delhi-bound passengers smuggle gold from Dubai under waistband

Three Delhi-bound passengers smuggle gold from Dubai under waistband
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Customs officials in India have seized gold worth more than $230,000 hidden inside the waistband of a passenger’s trousers on a flight from Dubai.

Authorities at Indira Gandhi International Airport arrested three passengers "based on security profiling", Delhi Customs said on social media, uncovering 3.7kg of gold.

Delhi Customs also posted a short video showing the moment airport officers cut open the trousers and found the gold bars.

Investigations are continuing after the passengers were arrested under the Customs Act.

On November 17, two passengers were arrested at Mohali Airport by Ludhiana customs who also tried to smuggle gold into India from Dubai.

Officials confiscated five bangles weighing 750g and worth around $50,000.

Gold seizures from passengers arriving from Dubai at Indian airports are a regular occurrence. Different methods are used to conceal the commodity to avoid paying duties and taxes.

Clothing is the most common place, but several reports have also been made of passengers hiding the precious metal inside the framework of luggage, kitchen appliances, drinks containers and even underneath wigs and dentures.

While there is no limit on the amount of gold that can be exported from the UAE tax-free, India applies a levy of 15 per cent of the value taken into the country. This incudes customs duty of 10 per cent and an Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess tax of five per cent.

Men can carry 20g of gold tax-free into the country, while women can take in 40g without paying duty.

Updated: November 23, 2023, 8:47 AM