Sharjah Police add Emirati-made electric bikes to save on fuel costs

New e-bike took two years to build and can reach speed of 155kph

The e-bike, manufactured by UAE company Sulmi, was developed by Emirati founder Rashid Al Salmi. Photo: Salam Al Amir
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Sharjah Police will be adding a sustainable smart electric bike to its traffic fleet.

The e-bike, manufactured by UAE-based company, Sulmi, was developed by its Emirati founder Rashid Al Salmi.

It was unveiled at the seventh Sharjah Economic Sustainability Forum on Thursday at Sharjah Police headquarters.

The force said the move was part of its wider strategy to shift towards sustainability in various aspects of law enforcement.

The smart bikes were designed in 2021 with the aim of reducing emissions and advancing sustainability in the emirate.

They took two years to build before a prototype was launched this year.

It can cover a distance of 300km on a single 30-minute charge, and reach speeds of 155kph.

"We are a team of five, including four Emiratis and one Lebanese, covering specialties such as mechanical engineering and design," said Mr Rashid.

"Every piece of this bike, including its batteries, was made by our hands inside the UAE."

The prototype comes equipped with features aimed at enhancing road safety, including a radar system that alerts riders to blind spots. and four cameras.

"Work is still under way for an enhanced version designed specifically for police, equipped to carry out all traffic-related tasks," Mr Rashid added.

The e-bike received the green light from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology last month.

Talks are still in progress regarding the number of bikes needed for the Sharjah force.

Mr Rashid said each costs Dh12,000 ($3,270) but will save about Dh25,000 a year in fuel costs.

"Three delivery companies from Canada, Germany and Sweden have expressed their intent to invest in this Emirati innovation, underlining its global appeal," he said.

Updated: October 05, 2023, 1:20 PM