Abu Dhabi revokes lawyer's licence over criminal convictions

Disciplinary council says lawyer breached conditions for practising within legal profession

The judicial department’s disciplinary council in Abu Dhabi said a lawyer was found guilty of assaulting and threatening an employee while on duty. Photo: Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
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A lawyer's licence has been revoked after they were convicted for assault and public order offences.

Abu Dhabi's Judicial Department's Lawyers Disciplinary Council said the lawyer, whose name and nationality were not revealed, was also removed from official listings for engaging in activities that breach the ethical and traditional standards of the legal profession.

The disciplinary council said the lawyer had been found guilty of assaulting, insulting and threatening an employee while on duty, which it said breaches the legal profession's requirement for lawyers to maintain a good reputation.

In its verdict, the council said that according to the UAE law governing legal practice – articles four and five in particular – lawyers are not only independent professionals but also partners in delivering justice.

It said it is essential for lawyers to operate with integrity, uphold the rule of law and they must be of sound judgment and good reputation, the council said.

“A registered practising lawyer must be of full capacity and good reputation and have neither been convicted by the court nor been disciplinarily punished for a felony/misdemeanour involving breach of honour or trust, even if his criminal record is expunged,” the verdict stated.

Updated: August 10, 2023, 11:18 AM