A Closer Look: Why the food crisis will take centre stage at Cop28

From rice shortages in India to failed crops in North Africa, we look at the inextricable link with climate change - and what can still be done

In A Closer Look, The National provides an in-depth take on one of the main stories of the week.

The signs of a global food crisis are all around us. And they are inextricably linked to climate change.

Extreme heat, drought and monsoon downpours are wreaking havoc on the food staples we rely on.

From failed crops in North Africa to rice shortages in India, the situation is sending prices spiralling.

The UAE has said food security will take centre stage at Cop28 in Dubai in November and December.

This week, we look at what action could be taken to safeguard our food sources.

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Updated: March 06, 2024, 8:01 AM