Earthquake-like tremors felt in Dubai Media City

Reports were posted by concerned residents and office workers just before 10am on Monday

Dubai Media City as seen on Saturday, March 22, 2014. (Silvia Razgova / The National)

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Usage: March 22, 2014
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Residents and office workers in Dubai Media City reported feeling the ground shaking on Monday, just before 10am.

Social media users asked whether it was an earthquake, or shaking from a nearby demolition site mimicking the effects of seismic activity.

People in the area are familiar with the demolition of Dubai's The Pearl and were questioning whether the ground tremors they felt were the result of work in that area.

In May, people living in nearby areas such as JVC, The Greens, Dubai Marina and Barsha Heights said on social media they had felt what seemed like seismic activity, when it was actually nearby demolition work.

Unfinished buildings in the long-abandoned project are being cleared.

Contractors using diggers and a wrecking ball have been pulling down half a dozen buildings in the area since November.

The Pearl is on valuable land adjacent to The Palm Jumeirah – where there has been a dramatic increase in property prices since the end of the pandemic.

Work on the project stalled around 2011, as several investors in a complex consortium pulled out. At least 1,500 flats and seven hotels were planned at one stage.

Two Canadian architects made headlines around the world last year when they proposed building an enormous resort that resembled the Moon on the Pearl site.

In September, Michael Henderson, one of the designers, told The National there were no firm plans yet for the project, which would cost an estimated $5 billion to build.

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