UAE weather: Temperatures approach 50°C with humidity to hit 100%

Hot and hazy conditions persist across the Emirates as more fog drifts in

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The UAE is gearing up for another scorching summer as the mercury is set to hit nearly 50°C this week.

The National Centre of Meteorology has forecast an increase in temperatures across the Emirates, with more fog to roll in.

The forecaster issued an alert over low visibility, in place until 9am, over low visibility in parts of the county caused by the morning fog.

The weather bureau, in its latest five-day bulletin, said temperatures would hover around the mid to late 40s in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for much of the week, peaking at 48°C in the capital on Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to reach 47°C in Al Ain on Wednesday, and will top 40°C in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Humidity on the rise

The NCM said humidity could hit 100 per cent in Sweihan, in Al Ain, on Wednesday.

A 100 per cent reading means the air is totally saturated and is no longer able to absorb moisture, even human sweat, and this disrupts our cooling process.

These sticky conditions are largely caused by warmer seas, which increases evaporation, while hotter temperatures on land means the air absorbs more water.

Humidity levels could reach 95% in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, but are expected to be lower in Dubai.

Thursday's temperatures are set to reach highs of 44°C in Abu Dhabi and 43°C in Dubai.

Fog and mist are expected, while light to moderate winds will blow dust during the day with a speed of 40kph.

On the coast, temperatures will rise up to 44°C with lows of 26°C. Winds will reach up to 40kph.

There will be some humidity on Friday with a possibility of fog and mist, as well as dust. The sea will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and rough by morning.

Temperatures will reach 47°C in Abu Dhabi on Friday, while in Dubai it will peak at 46°C.

The mercury is set to reach 48°C in Al Quaa, in the western region of Abu Dhabi, on Saturday.

However, some respite is due in Dubai as temperatures drop to 30°C and to 32°C in Abu Dhabi on Saturday evening.

It is not the first time the UAE has experienced scorching temperatures as it approaches the summer months.

Last year, temperatures approached 50°C in Abu Dhabi's western region of Al Dhafra. It was one of five areas in the country where temperatures reached at least 49°C during the day.

Updated: August 15, 2023, 12:37 PM