Dubai driver hands Dh101,000 left in car to police

Police present man who was 'keen to return money to owner' with certificate and gift

Mohammed Riyadh, a driver, was given a gift by Dubai Police after handing in cash he found in his car. Photo: Dubai Police
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A limousine driver in Dubai has been praised for handing more than Dh101,000 ($27,500) to the police after it was left behind by a passenger.

Mohammed Sufian Riyadh, 28, from Pakistan, who works as a driver with a rental limousine company, found the Dh101,463 in his car on May 23 an hour after the passenger was dropped off.

He went to Al Barsha Police Station and handed over the money.

“I found the money inside the vehicle, I was keen to return it to the owner,” said Mr Riyadh.

"I didn't hesitate in taking it to Dubai Police.

“My sense of duty towards society encouraged me to hand over the money to the police station and to return the money to the passenger.”

He was surprised to receive a call from Dubai Police asking him to come to the station to thank him.

Brig Majid Al Suwaidi, director of Al Barsha Police Station, praised Mr Riyadh in the presence of senior officers.

'We are proud of the honesty of Mr Riyadh.

“The force is keen to motivate the public to play a positive role in society and to work together to spread safety and happiness among community members,” Brig Al Suwaidi said.

Mr Riyadh received a certificate of appreciation and a gift on behalf of the police force.

Dubai taxi drivers returned more than Dh5.6 million in lost valuables and cash to passengers last year.

The Roads and Transport Authority said 101 of its drivers had returned items throughout 2022, including a black bag containing Dh1 million worth of diamonds.

One driver returned Dh3.6 million in cash that had been left in his taxi.

Other items included a plastic bag with gold valued at Dh200,000 inside and luxury watches and handbags worth more than Dh400,000.

They also found and returned large sums of cash.

Other items returned by drivers included 12,410 mobile phones, 2,819 electronic devices and 342 laptops.

The RTA applauded the honesty of the drivers.

Updated: June 05, 2023, 2:41 PM