Sheikha Fatima launches Women's Day theme: We Collaborate for Tomorrow

The theme will highlight the UAE’s achievements in women’s empowerment

Emirati Women's Day is celebrated every year on August 28. Photo: Nama
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Sheikha Fatima, Mother of the Nation, on Monday announced the launch of the theme - "We Collaborate for Tomorrow" - to celebrate Emirati Women's Day this year.

The day is celebrated every year on August 28 and offers an opportunity to highlight the achievements of many talented women.

The theme was chosen to align with President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed's announcement that 2023 will be the "Year of Sustainability," highlighting the UAE's commitment to finding innovative solutions to sustainability challenges.

"Every year, we proudly announce an inspiring theme for Emirati Women’s Day, and this national occasion is a priority for us," said Sheikha Fatima, who is also the chairwoman of the General Women's Union and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood.

"This day highlights a set of objectives which aligns with the country’s strategy that recognises and empowers the crucial role of women in the country.

“The UAE has made gender balance an integral part of the nation's social culture. This highlights the significance of collaboration between federal and local authorities, civil society, and the private sector to enhance the achievements in this area.”

With Cop28 set to take place in November 2023, the UAE is gearing up to tackle the pressing issues related to climate change.

Prominent women will be leading the charge, comprising two-thirds of the management team and over 50 per cent of the administrative team, said news agency Wam.

Last year's theme for Emirati Women’s Day was "Inspiring Reality ... Sustainable Future".

Women in the UAE now occupy more than half of the workforce in the government sector, more than half in all stages of education, and they make up more than a third of the Cabinet. Half of the members of the Federal National Council are women.

Updated: April 17, 2023, 11:15 AM