My Dubai Rent: Canadian pays Dh55,000 for Business Bay apartment with stunning views

Dr Louise Lambert says location was key when choosing her home during the pandemic

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Canadian Dr Louise Lambert might have one of the best deals available right now in Dubai.

She pays Dh55,000 for a one-bedroom apartment in Business Bay with a stunning view of the surrounding area from her balcony.

Similar units in her building are being advertised for up to Dh85,000 on property websites.

The 48-year-old psychologist invited The National to take a tour of her apartment and building to show us exactly what makes her home so special.

Why did you choose to live here?

My Dubai rent: Dh55,000 for a swanky one-bed in Business Bay

My Dubai rent: Dh55,000 for a swanky one-bed in Business Bay

Location, location, location. I wanted to be close to Downtown and the Design District.

At the time when I moved here, in 2020, I was working in the Canadian University in City Walk, so moving here was a no-brainer.

I am right beside the canal and the Sheikh Zayed Road. There are bike tracks here, too. All I have to do is put on my cycling shoes in reception and away I go.

I have got everything I need within 15 minutes. I am a big fan of the concept of a 15-minute city — I try to avoid commuting if I can.

I like to live close to where I work and my gym is only 10 minutes away.

It’s about a 15-minute walk to Dubai Mall too, which I have done a few times when the weather is cooler.

A lot of my friends live in Downtown, which is right beside me. I just walk over the bridge to meet them all.

Where did you live in Dubai before moving here?

I was living on the boulevard beside Dubai Mall but I was paying double for half the size.

It might sound very glamorous [living in Downtown Dubai], but there was constant construction work taking place outside.

Before that, I was in Bur Dubai and had a much bigger space but the situation with the traffic there was just sheer chaos.

Did you have to look at many properties before deciding on this one?

I looked at a few but I took a stand of asking myself if somewhere felt immediately nice or not.

This one just felt right straightaway. I don’t like living super high up and while I’m on the sixth floor, I can still hear the traffic from the road but I am also high enough up that birds land on my balcony.

What touches have you made to make it feel more personal?

I grow food here, like tomatoes, which I eat every day. I also grow basil and have tried carrots and lettuce, too.

I’ve also bought art, some of it was done by an artist friend. I also bought a piece that was created by my tennis coach who became an artist during the pandemic.

I like colour and I like plants.

If you could change anything about where you live, what would it be?

The drivers who are speeding at 3am. They come out late at night, when there’s less traffic around and use this area as a racetrack.

I would at least add a couple of speed bumps to slow them down.

Updated: April 17, 2023, 11:22 AM