Why motorists face higher penalties for jumping red lights in Abu Dhabi

Drivers in Dubai who jump lights and cause accidents at tramlines will also be hit with bigger fines

A video shared by Abu Dhabi Police shows the dangers of jumping red lights. Photo: Abu Dhabi Police
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Motorists who jump red lights in Abu Dhabi will now face stiffer penalties than in other emirates.

According to the UAE’s federal traffic law, which covers all emirates, light vehicle motorists who run through red signals will be fined Dh1,000 ($272). For heavy vehicles, the fine is Dh3,000.

Vehicles will be confiscated for 30 days and 12 black points added to the motorist's driving licence. To release a car from the impound, owners must pay a Dh3,000 fee.

In September 2020, Abu Dhabi introduced a law requiring drivers who commit serious traffic offences to pay Dh50,000 to release their cars.

For drivers who jump a red light, their licence was confiscated for six months.

Abu Dhabi Police issued a reminder about the law on their social media channels this week.

If fines are not paid and impounded cars are not claimed within three months, the vehicles are auctioned.

Abu Dhabi Police have in the past posted footage of car crashes at traffic signals on their social media channels to highlight the danger of jumping the lights.

The force said 2,850 drivers were fined last year for jumping red lights, often due to distracted driving and lack of attention.

Of the 1,762 traffic accidents in 2021, Ministry of Interior figures show that 11 per cent (205) were caused by jumping red lights, leading to six deaths and 199 injuries.

In Dubai, drivers who jump red lights and cause fatal accidents at Dubai's tramway intersections will be fined between Dh15,000 and Dh30,000.

The motorist's driving licence will be suspended for up to three years.

If the accident caused involves injuries but no deaths, the driver will be fined between Dh5,000 and Dh15,000, with their licence suspended for six to 12 months.

Updated: February 15, 2023, 4:03 AM