A Closer Look: Is this rain due to the UAE's cloud seeding programme?

The National looks at the Emirates's cloud seeding programme as it hosts the International Rain Enhancement Forum 2023

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The UAE was subjected to a number of heavy downpours this week as rain swept across the country.

Residents in Dubai were caught in some torrential rain on Wednesday night which led to flooding and a number of road closures, while Abu Dhabi managed to remain fairly dry.

More rain is expected before the skies finally clear on Sunday.

The week of wet weather coincides with Abu Dhabi hosting the International Rain Enhancement Forum 2023 where the Emirates' effort to increase the amount of rainfall was discussed.

Here, host Sarah Forster speaks to reporter Anjana Sankar about how much of the rain we saw this week was the result of cloud seeding.

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Updated: March 06, 2024, 8:22 AM