Etihad Rail reveals scenic route through Abu Dhabi forest

The UAE's national rail network developer offers glimpse into a journey to come

Etihad Rail shows scenic journey through Abu Dhabi forest

Etihad Rail shows scenic journey through Abu Dhabi forest
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Etihad Rail has released a video offering glimpses of a scenic rail route through the sprawling Abu Dhabi forest.

The footage pans down on train tracks cutting through the terrain as the sun sets on the capital.

It is a journey that could one day be undertaken by passengers once the national rail project is complete.

Etihad Rail shared the recording on its social media channels while reiterating that safeguarding nature and wildlife remains central to the construction of the huge network.

"Take a look at our tracks in Al Maha Forest in Abu Dhabi, a beautiful destination to observe the rare desert dwellers," Etihad Rail wrote on Twitter.

"Etihad Rail took careful measures to protect the natural habitats and wildlife through the construction of bridges, canals and animal crossings, which strengthen the UAE’s integrated and sustainable transport ecosystem."

Khuloud Al Mazrouei, deputy project manager at Etihad Rail, told The National in December of the steps being taken to safeguard nature as the national rail network takes shape.

She said 1,300 ghaf trees and hundreds of sidr trees and date palms have been relocated to preserve biodiversity and natural heritage.

More than 300 animals have been relocated as part of the initiative, including 242 short-fingered geckos, 24 baluch rock geckos and five saw-scaled vipers ― a venomous snake found in the UAE ― among others.

The rail network will eventually connect the UAE with the rest of the Gulf. Stage one of the project is operational and is used to transport goods and materials across the Emirates.

The project is now 70 per cent complete and the railway line between Abu Dhabi and Dubai was joined up in March and connected to Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah in October.

Last week, the developer showed the network's first marine bridge, stretching a kilometre across the Arabian Gulf and connecting Abu Dhabi’s sprawling Khalifa Port to the emirate's mainland.

Freight trains will run on the line, allowing goods shipped to Khalifa Port to be carried swiftly and efficiently across the country.

Once operational, Etihad Rail say a fully loaded freight train that passes over the bridge can take up to 300 lorries off the UAE’s roads.

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Updated: January 13, 2023, 1:11 PM