Pakistani mechanic to bring family to UAE after 'incredible' Dh10m Mahzooz win

Factory worker excited to change lives of loved ones after jackpot success

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A Pakistani factory worker in Abu Dhabi is ready to change the lives of his loved ones after winning the Dh10 million ($2.7m) jackpot in the Mahzooz weekly draw.

Saad, 32, said he planned to bring his family to the UAE after the country was “so good to him”.

At the Mahzooz headquarters in Dubai on Thursday, he explained how he would try to bring good fortune to others.

The machine mechanic, who lives in a labour accommodation and earns Dh2,000 a month, said he could barely believe his eyes when his numbers came up.

I have always wanted to go travelling with my wife. It’s been a long-time dream of ours and now we can finally make it come true at last

“I had to check with my friends and we all looked at the app on our phones and realised it actually was happening,” he said.

“I was so excited that I was shaking. It was an incredible feeling.

“I haven’t been able to bring my wife to live here but that’s going to change.”

Saad does the draw each week, picking a line himself and asking his wife, who lives in Pakistan, to choose the other.

It was his line consisting of 5, 14, 18, 24 and 35 that came up trumps and made him a multimillionaire overnight.

“I support my wife and my sister back home, who lost her husband last year to a brain tumour, so I am planning on helping them all move to the UAE to get the same opportunities I have,” Saad said.

Turning dreams into a reality

“I have always wanted to go travelling with my wife. It’s been a long-time dream of ours and now we can finally make it come true at last.”

Saad said he was going to spend time following one of his passions – cricket.

He plans to attend the T20 World Cup in Australia this month, but said he would also help some of those involved in the sport closer to home.

He said he was part of the Star Players team that comprised residents of his labour accommodation.

“I am going to make sure we have the very best equipment to play with. We might be called the Star Players but now we really will be," Saad said.

He also plans to make a donation to help victims of the floods in Pakistan and wants to establish a tourism business in the UAE and his home country.

The public can take part in the weekly Mahzooz draw by purchasing a bottle of water for Dh35, which is then distributed to the needy.

Buying the bottle allows you to take part in the draw.

“We’re in the business of making dreams come true and transforming lives,” said Farid Samji, chief executive of Ewings, the company that operates the weekly draw.

“Saad didn’t even have his own debit card or chequebook, he only had a salary account with the bank.

“We’ve had to help him set up a new bank account. That’s one example of how much of a difference this has made to his life.”

Updated: October 07, 2022, 4:50 AM