World Police Summit in Dubai: Inkas DS Titan can drive for 50km on a punctured tyre

The Inkas Titan DS Swat is made in the UAE and has been sold across the world

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The World Police Summit now under way in Dubai has many eye-catching vehicles on display, but one of the most striking is the Inkas Titan DS Swat.

Built on a Dodge Ram platform, the DS has a base price tag of about $300,000 but can reach into the millions depending on what the customer wants added.

The armoured personnel carrier can hold at least 10 people, travel at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour and has special military-grade wheels, meaning it can drive up to 50km with a puncture.

This Swat — or “special weapons and tactics” — vehicle can be used for police support and border patrols, among other tasks.

The DS can also be equipped with different communications and tracking systems as well as radar and weapons such as missile launchers.

The vehicles are manufactured by Inkas in the UAE and have been sold to local clients as well as those in the US and Africa, among others.

The World Police Summit will continue at Dubai Exhibition Centre until Thursday.

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Updated: March 15, 2022, 7:12 AM