Woman in coma after pedestrian crossing accident on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah

Victim suffered catastrophic brain injury after being struck by minibus

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A woman was in a coma on Tuesday after being hit by a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah.

The victim, from the Philippines, was walking a dog when she was struck by a minibus near Shoreline 12 at around 9am on Friday.

It was initially reported she had died, based on confirmation from an emergency services official.

On Tuesday, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital said the woman survived but had suffered a "catastrophic brain injury" and was in a coma in its intensive care unit.

Pedestrians need to feel safe they can cross the road safely with their children and the best way for that would be an overhead pedestrian walkway
Julie Buck, Palm resident

David Jelley, hospital director at Parkview, said: "She was presented with multiple traumatic injuries and sustained a catastrophic brain injury.

"She was immediately resuscitated by our trauma team, had emergency surgery, and is currently being cared for in our ICU."

Details of the vehicle or driver were not released as the police investigation continues.

Witnesses described the woman, a domestic worker, lying in the road near a pedestrian crossing controlled by traffic lights.

A British resident who lives nearby, and was with his young child at the time, said the vehicle involved was a minibus used to carry construction workers.

“My wife came running into the apartment and said there had been an accident,” he said.

“The dog was lifeless in the road and the woman was around 30 metres further away.

“There was a small crowd and the emergency services began to arrive.”

Police interviewed witnesses and took photos. The collision occurred on a clear day with good visibility.

“My nanny speaks to others on the Palm and they are a close group, they are all really upset and distraught about what has happened,” another witness said.

“The woman involved used to give spare clothes away and was very well liked."

The Palm has become hugely popular at weekends as new beachfront amenities have opened, including West Beach.

In June, Nakheel said it was working with local authorities to find a solution to traffic problems.

Julie Buck, a Shoreline resident of seven years, said there should be a review of pedestrian safety.

“This incident has hurt a lot of residents living on The Palm,” she said.

“The woman was walking with two other maids, crossing the road at the same time. These poor women saw their friend mowed down, it really is tragic.”

Many want more speed cameras introduced, she said.

“Cameras at the lights would act as a deterrent,” said Ms Buck.

"Pedestrians need to feel safe they can cross the road safely with their children and the best way for that would be a pedestrian walkway across the road.

“The traffic would flow better and it would be much safer.”

Updated: February 08, 2022, 12:04 PM