UAE pupils excited to visit Expo 2020 Dubai as school trips begin

Every pupil has the chance to enjoy a free guided tour

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Hundreds of thousands of pupils are to set to visit Expo 2020 Dubai to enrich their knowledge of science, culture, traditions and geography.

Youngsters will also have a first-hand experience of robots that serve food, a gravity-defying water display and the many inventions on display at the pavilions.

Some pupils have already visited the world's fair, while schools have trips planned during the Expo's six-month run to March 2022.

At Gems Education’s 43 schools, there are expected to be 277,000 pupil-teacher visits in 9,780 trips during the event.

Across the Gems group, 122,000 pupils will be visiting the Expo at least twice. A further 16,500 teachers and staff will visit the world’s greatest show.

It was like being in a fairytale. I could travel across the globe
Deeksha Vasanthakumar

Pupils were excited to walk into country pavilions and interact with technology on display.

Deeksha Vasanthakumar, a Grade 7 pupil at Delhi Private School Dubai, was excited after her first trip on Wednesday.

Hiking through fog in the Swiss pavilion was her favourite experience.

“I was in seventh heaven," said the 11-year-old Indian pupil.

"Expo gave me the ability to travel to many countries all at once. It was like being in a fairytale. I could travel across the globe.

“On my Expo passport, I got three stamps today. I am sure I will fill my passport with many stamps."

Deeksha said she had asked her parents to apply for a season pass to visit the Expo every weekend.

“In the Swiss pavilion, they had recreated the Alps and we could hike up the mountain and walk through. It was fun doing that with my friends.

“The UAE Pavilion had spectacular theatres where we could know more about the history and present of the Emirates," she said.

“At the Opportunity Pavilion, I enjoyed playing games and learning about how to save energy, food and water.”

Deeksha was one of 287 pupils from her school who went to the Expo on Wednesday.

This month, more than 75 private schools from Dubai will visit the Expo, according to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

Ludwig Martin, a 14-year-old Grade 9 pupil at Gems World Academy, said he was eagerly waiting for his school trip to the Expo as it would be a unique experience.

“I am excited to learn about cultures and traditions,” he said.

“I am looking forward to see the Egyptian pavilion, as I have never had the opportunity to visit.”

Pupils have not been allowed out on field trips in many months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is such a great start to on-campus learning. This restores school spirit and will make us happier,” Ludwig said.

Ten-year-old Emirati Reem Al Yassi was delighted to be going to the Expo on Thursday.

“I am most excited to see the robots they have there, especially the ones that serve food,” said Reem, a pupil at the American Academy for Girls.

“I want to see different country pavilions and their cultures. I want to see how they greet people and customers in different cultures.”

She said Brazil and China were on the top of her list of pavilions to visit.

Alreem Lootah, a nine-year-old Emirati at the American Academy for Girls, said she was looking forward to being greeted by the panda robot at the Chinese pavilion.

Head teachers believe school trips to the Expo will help bring learning to life for pupils.

Scientific inventions would not remain something pupils see on a television screen, but technology they can interact with, they said.

Gaynor Dale, primary school head teacher at Deira International School, said 900 pupils at the school would be visiting the Expo at least once from the end of the month.

“I think it’s fantastic for them,” Ms Dale said.

“The children can understand what innovation means and will be able to make real-life connections.

“This will nurture a culture where they can learn to take risks.

“Expo is a perfect opportunity to enrich themes like sustainability that we teach them about.”

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Updated: October 07, 2021, 4:31 AM