New UAE work permits to allow children aged 15 and above to get part-time jobs

Authorities say the initiative will offer youths experience of the workplace and help them plan for their future

Fujairah, 25, April, 2017: Emiratis apply for the job at the Etisalat  during the  Fujairah International Career and Education Fair 2017 at the Exhibition Centre in Fujairah.  ( Satish Kumar / The National ) 
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Some teenagers in the UAE will be allowed to obtain a part-time job for the first time under plans to boost the country's development.

Working while still at school is one of the first steps towards independence for pupils in countries such as the US and UK.

Now it is an option for children aged 15 and above in the Emirates.

Authorities said the experience would allow young people to get a taste of the workplace and earn money while they continue their studies.

"Anyone who's living here, who's above 15 years old, can apply for a temporary job," Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, said at an event to unveil the first projects associated with the Year of the 50th, to celebrate the country’s golden jubilee.

"We don't want them to stop their education, but it's a temporary visa to give them access to their market, shape up their skills and see the sectors they want to study and want to have a future in.

"It's a relaxation from us to ensure students have access to the market."

Other initiatives include a new visa aimed at business owners, investors and entrepreneurs, which will offer expanded benefits for sponsoring family members.

The owners of SMEs and "high-performing" students will also be eligible. The full criteria have not yet been revealed.

The visa will allow parents to sponsor their male children until the age of 25, up from 18 at present.

In the event of the visa being cancelled, holders will have a grace period of 90 to 180 days – longer than the current 30-day period.

This will allow people more time to sort out their residency status and find a new job or sponsor.

The first federal freelance visa will also be established, allowing for flexible working around the country.

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