Robbie Williams reveals plans for 'Vegas-style' hotel and residency in Dubai

'I am now taking the opportunity to dream big and see what that means and where that will take me,' the singer said in a podcast interview

Robbie Williams has said he sees enormous potential in Dubai's entertainment scene. PA
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Robbie Williams is planning to build a hotel where he will perform a regular residency, he has revealed, and he's hinted that it will be in Dubai.

The pop star, who has become a regular visitor to the city, said he is exploring the idea and is “really excited” about the prospect.

On the Robbie Williams Rewind podcast, he told hosts Lucy and Matt Champion that the hotel was part of his plans to “dream bigger”.

Williams was forced to cancel several Las Vegas performances during the pandemic, but when asked if he would be returning, he said: “I don’t think so.”

“But I am currently going to be building my own hotel, so I can do my own gigs in my own hotel,” he said.

When asked if that hotel would be “in Dubai by any chance”, he replied: “Yeah, maybe. Yeah.”

He added: “I am now taking the opportunity to dream big and see what that means and where that will take me. To put my foot down on the pedal of who and what I am.

The former Take That star said because of his name, he has access to people who will listen to and back his ideas.

“There’s loads of these things that are happening right now that are really taking my fancy,” he said. “The hotel idea is one of them and I will be very proud of it when it happens. I won’t say if, when it happens.”

In November, Williams hinted at his plans during an interview with The National’s Luxury magazine, saying he saw enormous potential in the city’s entertainment scene.

“I like Dubai. I want to do a lot of work there. I’m not famous in North America. I had a residency in Vegas but all of my fans had to fly in,” he said. “I see Dubai as Vegas, and I feel as though it can become something else, with all the best qualities of Vegas. I want to be an ambassador of entertainment to Dubai, because I can see what it is and what it can become.

“I see us building hotels and doing the interiors of those hotels. I’ve got big plans for this.

“My feeling for this is not monetary, although I will welcome anything we make from it. My feeling for this is: Where can we take it? How big can it be? It’s the satisfaction of doing something creative in the name of creativity. It’s unleashing the mind and seeing what is up there and what we, and I, are capable of.”

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Updated: January 05, 2023, 12:28 PM