Music in the air: Etihad flight attendant performs surprise concert on flight from Egypt

Passengers flying to Abu Dhabi were treated to the mid-air musical show as part of the airline's celebrations for the UAE’s 50th birthday

Etihad cabin crew member performs concert in the sky

Etihad cabin crew member performs concert in the sky
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Etihad Airways has shared a video of an impromptu concert taking place on a recent flight to Abu Dhabi.

In the video, a member of Etihad's cabin crew entertains passengers seated in the Economy class cabin when he appears in the aisle playing a guitar.

The national airline of the UAE said the stunt was part of its ongoing celebrations for the UAE’s golden jubilee.

Osama Maghreby, who has been a flight attendant with Etihad for more than six years, can be see in the video playing his guitar as passengers on the flight clap along to the music and take videos on their phones.

Humans are full of different feelings and one instrument can't play to them all
Osama Maghreby

Maghreby goes on to entertain travellers with performances on the violin, the oud and a swing-style number on the keyboard.

The surprise musical performance took place on-board an Etihad Boeing 787 Dreamliner as it flew from Cairo to Abu Dhabi on September 8.

“As part of the year of the 50th celebrations, we treated out passengers to an awe-inspiring concert on board with Osama performing four different instruments,” said Etihad in a post on Instagram.

“The beautiful amalgamation of cultures, along with the UAE’s values of kindness and diversity continues to be the source of inspiration for his melodies.”

Maghreby’s in-flight concert came to fruition after he was voted the "Star of Etihad" in an internal talent competition in which pilots and cabin crew members battled it out over a number of rounds, with staff voting for their favorites acts.

“It was my first live concert and the most challenging experience ever, as I’ve never played music in front of others,” Maghreby told The National.

“My dad used to work in the music industry as a cassette producer, and we had some celebrities visiting from time to time. I went with my father to the production company sometimes, which gave me an idea of the musician’s lifestyle at a young age. This truly gave me a passion for music,” he said.

The self-taught musician began playing the guitar when he was 13 years old. After talking to a family friend who told him that “humans are full of different feelings and one instrument can't play to them all”, the Egyptian decided to learn more instruments, and is now a master of the piano, guitar, violin and oud — all of which he showcased during his mid-flight performance.

Orchestrated as part of Etihad’s celebrations for the UAE turning 50, the airline has also partnered with one of the youngest chefs in the UAE to create a special in-flight children's menu for National Day this year, and called for residents and citizens to share their memories of the country via it's Legacy of a Nation project.

Updated: September 24, 2021, 8:19 AM