Behind the scenes of Penelope Cruz's Emirates advertisement in Dubai

Planes, cranes and luxury meals – the Oscar winner joins a Hollywood director and 160 crew members on board an A380

Penelope Cruz is the new face of Emirates. Photo: Emirates
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Emirates has shared behind-the-scenes footage of its latest promotional series starring Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz.

In the video released on Friday, Cruz is interviewed by cabin crew members Doyle Kim from Australia and Alessandra Piper from the UK.

The Hollywood star speaks about the difference between filming a movie and an advert. She also reveals her first trip with her husband was on an Emirates flight. Cruz married Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem in 2010.

"It was a very special trip and we were both very impressed by the airline," she says.

The Spanish actress, 49, became the face of the airline's global advertising campaign in May. She has since appeared in a series of advertisements showcasing all the luxuries passengers can experience on board – from taking showers and watching live football games to enjoying generous helpings of caviar.

Cruz flew to Dubai for a week to film the campaign with the help of 160 local and international crew members. The campaign was filmed inside one of Emirates' famed "double-decker" aircraft, the A380.

As filming took place on a real aircraft at the airport, all 160 needed permission from UAE authorities to access the restricted and highly secure area. Every piece of filming equipment had to be unloaded, scanned, checked and loaded onto airside trucks, and stored in a hangar near the aircraft.

The airline also built a designated green room in the hangar for cast to wait while off-set.

The promotional series was directed by American filmmaker Robert Stromberg, who created the 2014 hit Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. He also worked with James Cameron in Avatar and Tim Burton in Alice in Wonderland.

Cruz is the latest Hollywood star to partner with Emirates following the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Chris Hemsworth.

Updated: November 03, 2023, 7:03 AM