How to find all of Dubai's Al Qudra desert lakes: from Love Lake to Crescent Moon Lake

There are a number of lakes to explore out in Al Qudra desert, around 45 minutes from the city

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A crescent moon-shaped lake appeared in the Dubai desert last week, the latest man-made waterhole to make a splash in Al Qudra desert, along with the Expo Lakes, Love Lakes and the original Al Qudra Lakes.

Here we explain how exactly to find each of the remarkable desert oases.

Crescent Moon Lake

Co-ordinates: 24.7874218, 55.3065662

Distance from Mall of the Emirates: 57-minute drive, plus off-roading time

The latest water feature to materialise in Al Qudra desert is the moon-shaped lake, being dubbed the Crescent Moon Lake.

The crescent moon lake was first pictured by Dubai-based photographer and videographer, Mostafa, who published images on his Instagram account @100.pixels.

He described the lake as a “hidden gem, full of wildlife and barely untouched nature”.

However, it's probably the most difficult of the lakes to reach, as there is currently no paved road, so visitors will need a 4x4 car to get there, but with plenty of oryx to be spotted en route, it will be well worth it for nature lovers.

Love Lake

Co-ordinates: 24.836576, 55.370035 (car entrance), 24.838588, 55.405063 (lakes)

Distance from Mall of the Emirates: 44-minute drive to car entrance, 60-minute drive to lake

Truly Instagram-ready is the Love Lake, two large interlocking hearts and trees planted in the shape of the word "love", with a number of paths to explore.

The lakes can be reached via Al Qudra Lake Road, there is then a path all the way out to the Love Lakes.

The heart-shaped pattern can also be seen by satellite.

Expo Lake

Co-ordinates: 24.830001, 55.280128 (car entrance), 24.852888, 55.250886 (parking)

Distance from Mall of the Emirates: 62-minute drive to public parking

A lake built in the very identifiable shape of the Expo 2020 Dubai logo popped up in early 2020.

Located on the other side of the highway to the rest of Al Qudra Lakes, the grass and water-feature was not created by the official Expo 2020 Dubai team, they told The National in February 2020.

A well-established lake, there is a toilet and parking facilities for members of the public to use, as they walk around the 1.5 kilometre route.

Plenty of nature can be spotted as you wander around the circular paths, from ducks, cranes and flamingos, to the odd opportunistic oryx or Arabian gazelle.

Like the Love Lake, the Expo Lake can be seen by satellite. On the way to the lake, you'll pass an oryx view point and may spot large groups of the animals feeding in pens off the track.

Al Qudra Lakes

Co-ordinates: 24.846728, 55.349620 (car entrance)

Distance from Mall of the Emirates: 42-minute drive to car entrance

For some great wildlife spotting, make your way to Al Qudra Lakes. A series of lakes located at the end of the D63 road, there are a number to choose from including Flamingo Lake, The Last Lake of Al Qudra and Al Qudra Lakes East.

There are a number of remote campsites for visitors to choose from, should they wish to pitch up for the night.

Where all of the man-made Al Qudra lakes are located: