Tendulkar forever

Tendulkar has done what no other cricketer has been able to, and he has done it with unfailing good sportsmanship.

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Like all great showmen, he certainly kept us waiting. But now, Sachin Tendulkar can finally enjoy an enormous achievement: as of Friday, he became the first cricketer in history to hit 100 international centuries.

Since his previous century against South Africa during last year's World Cup, the task of realising that magical ton seemed to way heavy on the Indian cricket legend, as he fell short in test series against England, Australia and the West Indies.

Although it came in a loss to Bangladesh, Indian cricket fans have been exuberantly celebrating Tendulkar's century. But his unique achievement transcends national boundaries; it is one that has been celebrated not just by Indians, but by cricket fans across the world.

As a cricketing great, he deserves to be mentioned alongside perhaps the greatest batsman of all, Don Bradman; as a sporting figure, he ranks alongside the likes of Muhammad Ali, Diego Maradona and Michael Jordan.

But unlike some other great athletes (and we are not naming names), Tendulkar has performed with unfailing sportsmanship and grace. That makes him a cricketing hero not just for India, but for all of us.