Pope Francis

Pope Francis says migrants 'don't invade' and calls for safe routes to end 'sea of death'
The pontiff was speaking at the end of conference of religious leaders in Marseille
September 23, 2023, 11:34 AM
Pope arrives in France decrying 'lack of humanity' in helping migrants
He blasted the 'fanaticism of indifference' that refugees endure seeking a better life
September 22, 2023, 3:27 PM
Pope Francis visits tiny Catholic community in Mongolia
Pontiff to address government leaders and diplomatic corps on 43rd foreign visit of his papacy
September 01, 2023, 5:08 AM
UAE Catholics inspired by Pope Francis' message in Lisbon
The pontiff told young worshippers not to be afraid to 'change the world' during his speech on World Youth Day
August 08, 2023, 3:00 AM
Pope shares 'old man's dream' of peace at close of Portugal youth festival
Pontiff urged young people to take home the fraternal experiences of the six-day jamboree and apply them to their daily lives
August 06, 2023, 10:07 PM
Pope visits Portuguese neighbourhood once blighted by crime and drugs
The visit began with the pontiff hearing confessions of young people taking part in World Youth Day
August 04, 2023, 12:47 PM
World Youth Day: Pope Francis looks to inspire as a million young people gather in Lisbon
Pontiff urges Europe to show world 'creative ways for bringing end to Ukraine war'
August 02, 2023, 11:29 AM
Pope Francis hails UAE for promoting peace and tolerance
Pontiff praises Emirates for delivering on the pledges of the Document on Human Fraternity, signed during his landmark UAE visit in 2019
July 03, 2023, 12:51 PM
Pope Francis leaves hospital nine days after hernia operation
The pontiff underwent surgery at Rome’s Gemelli hospital last week
June 16, 2023, 6:50 AM
'Tired' pope clears schedule after suffering fever
Next on Pope Francis's public schedule is Sunday's Mass at St Peter's Basilica
May 26, 2023, 6:04 PM
Pope Francis urges Hungary not to close doors to migrants
Pontiff delivers sermon in Budapest in front of crowd, including hardline Prime Minister Victor Orban
April 30, 2023, 2:59 PM
Pope meets Ukrainian refugees during visit to Hungary
Pontiff met 600 refugees in Budapest on second day of visit
April 29, 2023, 6:00 PM
Hungary welcomes Pope Francis as it seeks ally on Ukraine
Allies of Prime Minister Viktor Orban hail Pope as advocate of peace
April 28, 2023, 11:22 AM
King Charles's coronation procession to be led by cross containing relics given by Pope
Fragments from the True Cross have been given to the British monarch ahead of his coronation at Westminster Abbey
April 18, 2023, 11:59 PM
Pope Francis voices 'deep concern' over Israeli-Palestinian escalation
The pontiff also called for peace in Russia and Syria in his traditional Easter address
April 09, 2023, 1:54 PM
Pope Francis to skip Good Friday procession due to cold weather
The 86-year-old pontiff was recently in hospital with bronchitis
April 07, 2023, 6:03 PM
Pope Francis quips 'I'm still alive' as he leaves hospital
He was being treated in Rome for bronchitis
April 01, 2023, 9:36 AM
Pizza-eating Pope Francis set to leave hospital before Easter service, Vatican says
Pontiff could take part in Palm Sunday service after recovering at Rome's Gemelli hospital from bronchitis
March 31, 2023, 6:04 PM
Pope Francis improving with antibiotics for bronchitis
Vatican suggests pontiff might leave Rome's Agostino Gemelli Hospital 'in coming days'
March 30, 2023, 12:36 PM
Pope Francis admitted to hospital with lung infection
Pontiff, 86, has experienced breathing difficulties in recent days and will now spend several days in hospital
March 29, 2023, 7:15 PM