Sebastian Vettel has another pole to his CV, but is more focused on adding wins.
Sebastian Vettel has another pole to his CV, but is more focused on adding wins.

Pole-sitting Vettel wants wins

MONZA, ITALY // Dominant no longer adequately describes Sebastian Vettel's qualifying performances. Following his obliteration of the opposition ahead of Sunday's Italian Grand Prix, the German's superiority on a Saturday is now conclusive.

At the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza Saturday, the world champion secured his 10th pole position from 13 attempts to ensure Red Bull Racing maintain their 100 per cent qualifying record this season.

But it was the manner in which he managed it which proved so definitive: almost half-a-second ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who will join him on the front row.

Jenson Button, Hamilton's teammate at McLaren-Mercedes, was third quickest.

"We thought it would be much closer than that," Vettel said after claiming the 25th pole position of his career. "We did not expect to be finishing on pole by such a big margin on a track that for the past two years didn't suit us."

Monza was not supposed to favourably accommodate the set-up of the English-based team, with Christian Horner, the team principal, calling it "a bogey circuit". But there was few indications of issues yesterday.

Taking Vettel's performance as a harbinger for the remaining six qualifying sessions, many analysts are now predicting Red Bull can claim pole at every race this year.

However, the 24-year-old German driver is having none of it. When asked if a season-long lockout of pole position was possible, Vettel said: "I don't know and I don't care. We have to go step by step and it's not easy for us. So far, it has been excellent, but it's not over and the main task comes [today].

"It's not our target. Our target is to maximise the points."

Hamilton, who suffered a lock-up at the second chicane on his final lap, said he could have had "another couple of 10ths" out of the car, but "didn't have another half-second in the bank … It looked like we could be competitive throughout the weekend, but on that last lap Sebastian was untouchable".

Button acknowledged that third place is a "pretty good" place to start, and with cars now fitted with acceleration-enhancing Drag Reduction Systems "it is not so important to be on pole position" at a track that offers the fastest straights of the season.

"When you look at the time difference between first and third in qualifying, it's a lot," he said.

"But we've seen it before. It's going to be fun. I don't think Red Bull are going to have it all their own way, which is exactly what everyone wants."

The pillars of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy

Encourage innovation in the metaverse field and boost economic contribution

Develop outstanding talents through education and training

Develop applications and the way they are used in Dubai's government institutions

Adopt, expand and promote secure platforms globally

Develop the infrastructure and regulations


Creator: Tima Shomali

Starring: Tara Abboud, Kira Yaghnam, Tara Atalla

Rating: 4/5

The specs

Engine: Dual synchronous electric motors
Power: 660hp
Torque: 1,100Nm
Transmission: Single-speed automatic
Touring range: 488km-560km
Price: From Dh850,000 (estimate)
On sale: October

Apple Mac through the years

1984 - Apple unveiled the Macintosh on January 24
1985 - Steve Jobs departed from Apple and established NeXT
1986 - Apple introduced the Macintosh Plus, featuring enhanced memory
1987 - Apple launched the Macintosh II, equipped with colour capabilities
1989 - The widely acclaimed Macintosh SE/30 made its debut
1994 - Apple presented the Power Macintosh
1996 - The Macintosh System Software OS underwent a rebranding as Mac OS
2001 - Apple introduced Mac OS X, marrying Unix stability with a user-friendly interface
2006 - Apple adopted Intel processors in MacBook Pro laptops
2008 - Apple introduced the MacBook Air, a lightweight laptop
2012 - Apple launched the MacBook Pro with a retina display
2016 - The Mac operating system underwent rebranding as macOS
2020 - Apple introduced the M1 chip for Macs, combining high performance and energy efficiency
2022 - The M2 chip was announced
2023 -The M3 line-up of chip was announced to improve performance and add new capabilities for Mac.



Company Profile

Company name: Namara
Started: June 2022
Founder: Mohammed Alnamara
Based: Dubai
Sector: Microfinance
Current number of staff: 16
Investment stage: Series A
Investors: Family offices


Barcelona 5 (Lenglet 2', Vidal 29', Messi 34', 75', Suarez 77')

Valladolid 1 (Kiko 15')

The biog

Age: 46

Number of Children: Four

Hobby: Reading history books

Loves: Sports

The Specs

Engine: 1.6-litre 4-cylinder petrol
Power: 118hp
Torque: 149Nm
Transmission: Six-speed automatic
Price: From Dh61,500
On sale: Now

What is Diwali?

The Hindu festival is at once a celebration of the autumn harvest and the triumph of good over evil, as outlined in the Ramayana.

According to the Sanskrit epic, penned by the sage Valmiki, Diwali marks the time that the exiled king Rama – a mortal with superhuman powers – returned home to the city of Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman, after vanquishing the 10-headed demon Ravana and conquering his kingdom of Lanka. The people of Ayodhya are believed to have lit thousands of earthen lamps to illuminate the city and to guide the royal family home.

In its current iteration, Diwali is celebrated with a puja to welcome the goodness of prosperity Lakshmi (an incarnation of Sita) into the home, which is decorated with diyas (oil lamps) or fairy lights and rangoli designs with coloured powder. Fireworks light up the sky in some parts of the word, and sweetmeats are made (or bought) by most households. It is customary to get new clothes stitched, and visit friends and family to exchange gifts and greetings.  


The years Ramadan fell in May





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