Hauling buckets, jumping in the garage, and some help from the dog: How athletes are adapting to coronavirus training - in pictures

Sports stars are having to improvise as they wait for a return to action

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world for everyone and thrown up plenty of unforeseen challenges.

Athletes have been in limbo, waiting to see when competition returns, and making sure they are in top shape for that day.

Their problem has been access to training facilities. No gyms, no working with coaches, no nutritionists laying on the supplies.

So they have had to adapt. And as the pictures show, they have been very quick at finding solutions.

Garages, gardens, kitchens, even the pet dog has been involved in these homemade plans.

Carrying buckets, fencing with an improvised dummy, hurling in a garage are all techniques these athletes probably never contemplated before Covid-19 became an issue.

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