Jurgen Klinsmann brought the US to the knockout round of the 2014 World Cup. Francisco Leong / AFP
Jurgen Klinsmann brought the US to the knockout round of the 2014 World Cup. Francisco Leong / AFP

MLS chief Don Garber none too happy with Jurgen Klinsmann critique

Major League Soccer president Don Garber fired back Wednesday at critical comments by US national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann about the league and its impact on players.

Klinsmann addressed the decisions by US standouts Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley to return from Europe to play in the North American league this week by saying they would have to prove the switch has not diminished their skills.

Garber called those remarks “incredibly damaging” to MLS.

“I’m demanding that he refrain from making comments that are critical of our players and damaging to our league,” Garber said.

“Jurgen’s comments are very detrimental to the league. They are detrimental to the sport of soccer in America. Not only are they detrimental, they are wrong.”

Klinsmann noted that Bradley has returned to play for a Toronto club that will miss the playoffs for an eighth consecutive season.

“Making that decision to go from Roma, a Champions League team, to now Toronto, a team that it seems like they’re not even qualifying for the playoffs, it’s a huge disappointment,” Klinsmann said.

“You adjust yourself to whatever environment you are in, so he had to adjust to the environment he’s with in Toronto, instead of maybe an environment that plays Champions League football. It’s down to him and his environment to see what level he is capable to play.”

Klinsmann also touched on Clint Dempsey’s move from the English Premier League to the MLS Seattle Sounders.

“I made it clear with Clint’s move back and his move back that it’s going to very difficult for them to keep the same level that they experienced at the places where they were. It’s just being honest,” Klinsmann said.

“Now making the step back, I totally get it. It’s a huge financial offer, it is also connected to many other elements, and this league is getting better and stronger every year. Which we are all very proud about. And I want everybody to grow in this environment.

“But reality also is for both players making that step means that you are not in the same competitive environment as you were before. And so it’s not easy for Michael, and it’s not going to be easy in the future.”

Garber also second-guessed Klinsmann’s decision not to include Landon Donovan, a standout for the MLS Los Angeles Galaxy, on the US World Cup roster. The all-time US scoring leader played his final international match for the American side last Friday.

“I believe Landon should have been in Brazil,” Garber said. “His performance dictated it.

“His treatment was inexcusable. I have concerns that (Klinsmann’s) criticism, particularly of Michael, is following that pattern.”

Garber hopes to attract top US talent to the league, which launched in 1996 and will add teams in New York and Orlando next year to reach 21 active clubs.

“Sending a message to any player and obviously to US players that signing to Major League Soccer is not going to be good to their career or good to their form is detrimental to Major League Soccer,” Garber said.

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Why does a queen bee feast only on royal jelly?

Some facts about bees:

The queen bee eats only royal jelly, an extraordinary food created by worker bees so she lives much longer

The life cycle of a worker bee is from 40-60 days

A queen bee lives for 3-5 years

This allows her to lay millions of eggs and allows the continuity of the bee colony

About 20,000 honey bees and one queen populate each hive

Honey is packed with vital vitamins, minerals, enzymes, water and anti-oxidants.

Apart from honey, five other products are royal jelly, the special food bees feed their queen 

Pollen is their protein source, a super food that is nutritious, rich in amino acids

Beewax is used to construct the combs. Due to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial elements, it is used in skin treatments

Propolis, a resin-like material produced by bees is used to make hives. It has natural antibiotic qualities so works to sterilize hive,  protects from disease, keeps their home free from germs. Also used to treat sores, infection, warts

Bee venom is used by bees to protect themselves. Has anti-inflammatory properties, sometimes used to relieve conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, nerve and muscle pain

Honey, royal jelly, pollen have health enhancing qualities

The other three products are used for therapeutic purposes

Is beekeeping dangerous?

As long as you deal with bees gently, you will be safe, says Mohammed Al Najeh, who has worked with bees since he was a boy.

“The biggest mistake people make is they panic when they see a bee. They are small but smart creatures. If you move your hand quickly to hit the bees, this is an aggressive action and bees will defend themselves. They can sense the adrenalin in our body. But if we are calm, they are move away.”



Test series fixtures

(All matches start at 2pm UAE)

1st Test Lord's, London from Thursday to Monday

2nd Test Nottingham from July 14-18

3rd Test The Oval, London from July 27-31

4th Test Manchester from August 4-8

Match info

What: Fifa Club World Cup play-off
Who: Al Ain v Team Wellington
Where: Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, Al Ain
When: Wednesday, kick off 7.30pm

Match info

Athletic Bilbao 0

Real Madrid 1 (Ramos 73' pen)

UAE v Zimbabwe A

Match 1 – UAE won by 4 wickets
Match 2 – UAE won by 5 wickets
Match 3 – UAE won by 25 runs
Match 4 – UAE won by 77 runs

Match 5, Saturday, 9.30am start, ICC Academy, Dubai

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