Mark Webber accepts apology from Romain Grosjean after Japanese Grand Prix collision

The Red Bull driver admits having a 'discussion' with his Lotus rival following his angry outburst over the crash at Suzuka last weekend.

Red Bull driver Mark Webber
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Mark Webber is ready to put his collision with Romain Grosjean behind him after the Lotus driver's apology for their crash at last weekend Japanese Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver was hit by Grosjean's car on just the second corner at Suzuka, leaving Webber a battle to struggle to finish in ninth place after pulling in for repairs.

The Frenchman later admitted he made "a stupid mistake" and, having already served a ban this season for the same thing, vowed to change his ways.

He also apologised to Webber after the race in Japan and asked if he accepted the apology, Webber said: "I went to see Romain. We had a discussion about it, and that was it. So, yeah."

Grosjean said: "All I could do was apologise. I was very sorry. It was stupid."

A furious Webber suggested immediately after the Japan race that the Frenchman might need another "holiday", or ban, labelling his driving "embarrassing" and branding him "a first-lap nutcase".

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