Jose Mourinho chooses to be 'Happy One' in second stint at Chelsea

Here are the key quotes from the news conference in which the Portuguese manager was unveiled.

Jose Mourinho certainly looked happy at the news conference on Monday. Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA
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Jose Mourinho was officially unveiled as the new manager of Chelsea at a news conference at Stamford Bridge on Monday.

Here are the key quotes from the news conference.

On his departure from Chelsea in 2007

"I read and I kept hearing that I was fired, that I was sacked, that [Roman Abramovich and I] had a complete break of relationship. That was not true. Many people didn't believe that, but it was a mutual agreement. At the time we thought it was best for both of us, me and the club."

On whether he is still the 'Special One'

"If I have to choose a nickname for this period, I'd choose 'the happy one' because I'm very happy. This is the first time I arrive in a club where I already love the club."

On how he has changed since his first spell

"I believe I'm a calmer person now. Nine years is a big difference. When I arrived here in 2004 you pushed me a lot in that first press conference to have a strong approach, and in this moment the situation is different. You know me. You know my history in the British game, and the European game, so I don't think I need that approach. I just want to be calm. I feel very calm and comfortable."

On being overlooked for United and City jobs

"No. I am where I want to be. I wouldn't change it for anything. This is my job. The job I want. It's a job I was offered and I accepted immediately."

On potential signings

"I need to meet the players and get to know them. That's the first part of the job. It's not to arrive here and say: 'Mr Abramovich and members of the board, I need some money with a lot of zeros, I need to change half the team, move this one and buy this one.' We have 60 players because there are 20 new buys in the media. No, I need to work with the players, not commit injustice, give them a chance, be fair with them. After that, we'll have time to make decisions. A couple of signings is the normal, correct practice at a club."

On Iniesta's criticism

"I damaged Spanish football by being the manager that broke Barcelona's dominance. They were dominant, dominant and dominant, and it looked like a dominance without an end. Then Real Madrid won a cup final against Barcelona, the Super Cup against Barcelona, we won in Barcelona and the championship, which is the historic championship of 100 points and 121 goals. I hurt them, I hurt them. It was a fantastic time for me."

On Terry's future

"The future is to meet John in the first week of July, try to get the best out of him. I know what he can give. I try to get the best, let's try to make him again a very important player that he couldn't be last season."

On his weaknesses

"You don't speak about weaknesses with your enemy, and my enemy will read the papers and watch television. We hide our weaknesses. Every player, manager has weaknesses. You have to try to hide them. So I'm not giving that chance for the enemy. I know my weaknesses, I don't have many, but I try to improve and hide them."

On winning five trophies like he did in first stint

"I want to believe it's possible. I always trust my work. In this case, I know many of the people that belong to the club, and I know the kind of mentality and ambition people have. My career was built and based on success, and I was able to reach success and to win trophies so I have to believe in that."

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