Hodgson not fretting over Reina

While his opposite number Roberto Martinez says Wigan are facing Liverpool at the worst possible time.

LIVERPOOL // Roy Hodgson, the Liverpool manager, claims he has no problems with Pepe Reina, his goalkeeper, suggesting he will reassess his position at Anfield at the end of the season.

Reports emerged yesterday which suggested the Spain international had said he was staying at the club "until at least the end of the season".

But Hodgson was not worried by those reported comments.

"That is fair enough, what's wrong with that?" he said.

"There is always spin put on these things but as far as I am concerned we are very happy to have Pepe Reina and I hope he will stay a lot longer than that.

"If at the end of the season he doesn't want to play for Liverpool any more then we'd have to deal with that situation when we come to it. But I don't understand why, seven or eight months from the date, I'm being asked to give my opinion on it.

"He is an excellent goalkeeper and I hope he plays for Liverpool for years and years to come.

"If he doesn't want to play for years and years to come we'll deal with the situation when it occurs."

Hodgson added of the goalkeeper, who signed a new long-term contract at the end of last season: "Pepe Reina is one of the most committed players at the club.

"He is one I don't ever have any doubts about his desire to get on the field and do his best and win the game.

"That is the most important thing and I don't see why it is necessary for me or him to discuss a year ahead."

Liverpool travel to Wigan Athletic tonight and Roberto Martinez, the Lancashire club's manager, believes the game comes at the worst possible time.

Liverpool have returned to form having won their last three Premier League games, including an impressive 2-0 triumph over Chelsea on Sunday.

Hodgson's side made a poor start to the season but have since hoisted themselves out of the relegation zone.

"Looking at the Liverpool side now, they play with huge energy and confidence - they were a joy to watch against Chelsea and you can start to see Roy Hodgson's hand on that side," Martinez said.

"Sometimes in football you need to be lucky and have a little bit of luck when you play the top sides, it is really important.

"I think we need to carry on with what we are good at, be stubborn, show good arrogance on the ball and make sure that we show we are playing at home."

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