Paul Pogba's penalty: Slower than Usain Bolt running 100m but he has Mourinho's backing

The Manchester United midfielder missed from the spot for the second time this season but it's his technique which everyone is talking about

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Is he dancing? Jogging? Or actually taking a penalty? Whatever Paul Pogba was doing in the 27th minute of Manchester United's victory over Everton, is wasn't very effective.

The Frenchman saw his spot kick saved by Jordan Pickford having taken a run up - if you can call it that - consisting of about 27 tiny steps.

That he scored from the rebound is irrelevant. United fans have had enough of Pogba on penalty duties, while the rest of the football world just laughed out loud - especially to the comparison of the time it takes Usain Bolt to run 100 metres.

Take a look for yourself:

Pogba's penalty had social media in stitches, as Twitter users lined up their memes.

United manager Jose Mourinho however revealed after the match that he is happy for Pogba to continue with penalty duties.

“The thing I like is the desire to take it. I don’t like [players who are like], ‘Mickey Mouses,’ fragile and afraid to go and take a penalty. I don’t like that. I like a player that wants to take it.

”Can he improve his penalties? I think he can. I think the goalkeepers know his run-up, they don’t move and they are waiting until the last second for his decision, so I think he probably has to learn from that, but what, for me, is the most important thing is that next time he has a penalty, he goes again and he goes happy again. And that, for me, is the most important thing."

Pogba meanwhile admitted it may be time for a change of style.

“I always try to disturb the keeper. I always shoot like this and that's how I know how to take penalties, so I might maybe practice to change it, because maybe the keepers start to know my step, but the most important [thing] is when the ball goes in.”


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