7-2, 4-3, 0-7! Manchester United's 6-2 goal fest against Leeds just the latest in a season of crazy Premier League results - in pictures

The 2020-21 season has thrown up some shock scorelines

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The 2020-21 football season has proved to be challenging the world over amid the coronavirus pandemic, with plans disrupted and fans largely absent from most grounds.

However, the game has managed to continue amid severe restrictions, and what a season it has been so far.

The Premier League has been the most unpredictable, with a whole raft of surprising scorelines. There might be a familiar team at the top - Liverpool are four points clear of Leicester - but who would have predicted the champions losing 7-2 at Aston Villa? Manager Jurgen Klopp certainly didn't, describing the result as being like a punch in the face.

Then there was Tottenham's 6-1 win at Manchester United, and Liverpool winning 7-0 at Crystal Palace, before Sunday night's astonishing 6-2 win for Manchester United against Leeds.

The season only started in September, and in the gallery above is a reminder of the shock results we have seen so far. To see the next surprising match, just swipe the photo or click on the arrows.