F1 salaries: who are the highest paid drivers in 2022?

World champion Max Verstappen edged out in the money race

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As we enter the second half of the 2022 Formula One championship, reigning world champion Max Verstappen holds a sizeable lead over his rivals

Lewis Hamilton and teammate George Russell have struggled with reliability issues as Mercedes grappled with the radical new design regulations brought in this term to produce closer racing.

But one area where Hamilton does lead his Red Bull rivalry is the salary race.

Above is a photo gallery of the drivers in Formula One and their annual salaries for the 2022 F1 season, according to spotrac, an online sports team and player contract website.

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These are the five highest-paid drivers in Formula One

These are the five highest-paid drivers in Formula One

Who is Formula One's highest paid driver?

Lewis Hamilton is by far the best-paid driver in Formula One, with the Mercedes star earning an annual salary of $40 million, according to spotrac.com, a reward for his seven world championships.

The 20 F1 drivers and their salaries

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) $40,000,000

2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) $25,000,000

3= Fernando Alonso (Alpine), $20,000,000

3= Lando Norris (McLaren) $20,000,000

5= Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) $15,000,000

5=. Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) $15,000,000

7. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) $12,000,000

8= Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) $10,000,000

8= Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) $10,000,000

8= Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) $10,000,000

11. Sergio Perez (Red Bull) $8,000,000

12. Kevin Magnussen (Haas) $6,000,000

13= Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) $5,000,000

13= Esteban Ocon (Alpine) $5,000,000

13= George Russell (Mercedes) $5,000,000

16. Alexander Albon (Williams) $2,000,000

17= Nicholas Latifi (Williams) $1,000,000

17= Mick Schumacher (Haas) $1,000,000

17= Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo) $1,000,000

20. Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) $750,000

Updated: September 15, 2022, 1:08 PM