'I don't endorse that at all' - India captain Virat Kohli opposes four-day Tests

Kohli says there is more than enough innovation and the 'purest format' should not be altered

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India captain Virat Kohli on Saturday said he is not a fan of the proposal to cut Test matches from five days to four, saying the 'purest' format should not be tinkered with too much.

The International Cricket Council is reportedly considering cutting the duration of Test matches to four days from 2023 in order to free up space on the cricketing calendar.

Kohli, however, said the format should not be altered.

"Day-night Test is the most that should be changed about Test cricket, according to me," Kohli said in Guwahati, on the eve of India's first T20 against Sri Lanka.

"I think the intent will not be right then because then you will speak of three-day Tests. I mean where do you end? Then you will speak of Test cricket disappearing. I don't endorse that at all.

"I don't think that's fair to the purest format of the game. How cricket started initially... five-day Test matches were the highest of tests you can have at the international level. According to me, it shouldn't be altered.

"Day-night Tests are another step in commercialising Test cricket and creating excitement around it, but it can't be tinkered with too much."

Kohli said there is already more than enough innovation in the game.

"I was asked about the 100-ball [competition in England], I said I'm not going to try myself in another format because there's already so much going on," he said.

The ICC allowed four-day Tests in 2017 and they have been tried in one-off games between South Africa and Zimbabwe and England against Ireland.

English, Australian and New Zealand cricket boards have indicated they are considering it. Some players like England captain Joe Root have also said the plan should be considered.

But several players have joined Kohli in opposing the proposal. Australia captain Tim Paine said that while four-day Tests could be used for some fixtures, the main games must stay at five.

Australia off-spinner Nathan Lyon called the idea "ridiculous".

"I believe you will get so many more draws and day five is crucial," he said. "I'm totally against it and I hope ICC aren't even considering it."