From Sachin Tendulkar to Waqar Younis: the ultimate cricket quiz

Take our quiz and keep your mind occupied and sharp

With no live cricket for many weeks, what are fans supposed to do? You can relive classics on the telly or Youtube. Or if you are into gaming, hone you skills in front of a console.

There are many great books on the gentleman's game and now is probably the best time to read about the rich history of the game.

There is something else that cricket fans can do – test their knowledge about the game.

We have put together a comprehensive cricket quiz which most regular followers of the sport should be able to ace.

For many of you, adjusting to the new realities of the coronavirus-infested world might be a far bigger concern at the moment. But for those who have a bit more time on their hand, our cricket quiz is a great way to keep the mind occupied and sharp.