Andrew Craig fuelled by a strong desire to push limit in MMA

American fighter confident of beating Chris Camozzi in UFC Fight Night Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

Andrew Craig considers himself goal-orientated. Josh Hedges / Getty Images
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Which combat sport from the many that make up MMA would you consider your favourite and why?

My favourite would be wrestling.

Not because I’m the best at it, but because I think, if done right, it can dominate most fights. High level judo is my favourite to watch in MMA.

I love watching someone like Hector Lombard hit foot sweeps and throws during fights.

What’s behind the nickname?

My nickname “Highlight” was given to me in high-school football. I played running back and every play I was involved in tended to be exciting.

What led you to begin a career in MMA?

I had a strong desire to compete in something that pushed me to my limits with an element of danger.

Describe yourself as a person.

I think I’m a very positive, laid back, goal-orientated and confident man.

Describe yourself as a fighter.

I’m a cerebral fighter, but I’ve got an aggressive streak and know when to push the pace.

What is your biggest weapon?

I’m a thinking fighter with great cardio and toughness.

Who was your toughest opponent and why?

All of my opponents since I’ve been in the UFC have been tough as nails.

They’re in the UFC for that very reason.

How do you rate your chances of victory in Abu Dhabi?

Hundred per cent going to win [against Chris Camozzi].

What’s your perfect day off?

Lots of laughter, sleep and good food.

Where do you see your career in three years’ time?

In the top 10 of the middleweight division doing fight commentary on the side.

What do you say to people who call UFC “barbaric”?

Those people need to be educated more thoroughly on the sport.

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