One advantage of machines which make it easy for people to recycle beverage containers, a reader writes, is that when the empties have money value, they soon stop posing a litter problem. Pawan Singh / The National
One advantage of machines which make it easy for people to recycle beverage containers, a reader writes, is that when the empties have money value, they soon stop posing a litter problem. Pawan Singh Show more

Save bottles and cans from trash heap

I was shocked to learn, from The vending machines that work in reverse (September 29), that only 36,000 beverage containers are recycled per year in this country, out of one billion used.

In North America, and I believe in Europe too, most supermarkets have a row of machines like this. They accept soda cans, for example, and return vouchers, at a rate equal to about Dh1 per five cans; you bring in your cans, feed the machine, exchange the voucher for cash at a counter and proceed in to do your shopping. Most people do this routinely.

Truly, this country could make recycling progress quickly with machines of this type, and a deposit on all cans, and even plastic bottles. Another advantage is that when these containers have monetary value, they cease to be litter.

Tina Dawlish, Abu Dhabi

Barn door closes but much too late

I laughed out loud when I read Euro nations face swift sanctions for breaking budget rules (September 29).

So the European Parliament is going to get tough now, is it? What a classic case of locking the barn door just as the horse disappears into the distance? Where were these geniuses when Greece was cooking its books and borrowing vast amounts?

Fred Molinari, Dubai

Give Etihad credit for safety focus

Re: Passengers tell of long, hot wait on Etihad plane (September 28).

Evidently something went wrong with that Etihad airplane before take-off, but let's remember that running an airline is not easy.

Better a delay on the ground than a safety problem aloft. Give Etihad credit for putting safety first.

And I see (Etihad flights to offer internet, September 29) that soon we'll be able to go online while in the air on many flights, which will be very welcome.

Martin Daoud, Dubai

Your story says that Etihad apologised for what occurred.

But can the airline explain exactly what happened to cause the passengers to be subjected to such high temperatures. More importantly what are they doing to make sure this doesn't occur again?

As a paying passenger I want to be assured that the airline has made sure the problem won't be repeated. That's not too much to ask surely?

Tony Griggs, Abu Dhabi

UAE Pavilion to live again

Thank you for the fine "infographic" Building the perfect dune in your Oasis feature (September 29) about the rebuilding of the UAE Pavilion, now going up on Saadiyat Island after a first incarnation in China.

This was both thought-provoking and newsy. This kind of illustrated article is always quite rewarding.

Karen Quinn, Abu Dhabi

Set exact speed for each lane

In response to Theyab Awana's grieving father in emotional plea to drivers (September 29) and related stories, I have a suggestion.

We should mandate a speed for each lane and fine anyone doing the incorrect speed, above or below.

Drivers could handle this new requirement through cruise control much of the time, and could stay in the lane which best suits their driving habits or desires.

We would have to fine drivers who follow too closely, because this practice is dangerous. Trevor Bundus, Abu Dhabi

Turks are bullies over Cyprus gas

I refer to your report Turkey turns up the heat in gas feud with Cyprus (September 29).

Turkey and the pseudo-state of occupied Cyprus bully the legal, internationally recognised government of the Republic of Cyprus to use their natural resources.

If Turkey as a guarantor of the Turkish Cypriots wants them to be allowed to take advantage of the possible gas deposits under that part of the Mediterranean, then Turkey should remove its troops, give back the occupied land, and allow the Republic to function as it should.

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan has no problem threatening a small state and pretending the Mediterranean belongs to him.

Vassilis Theocharides, Dubai

Make buildings safer for children

I refer to your editorial Safety culture begins but does not end at home (September 29).

The building from which the child and mother fell was certified as safety-standard compliant. Obviously we need better standards. New construction could be made safer starting now, but how can we secure existing homes?

VJ Mehta, Dubai


Round 1: Beat Leolia Jeanjean 6-1, 6-2
Round 2: Beat Naomi Osaka 7-6, 1-6, 7-5
Round 3: Beat Marie Bouzkova 6-4, 6-2
Round 4: Beat Anastasia Potapova 6-0, 6-0
Quarter-final: Beat Marketa Vondrousova 6-0, 6-2
Semi-final: Beat Coco Gauff 6-2, 6-4
Final: Beat Jasmine Paolini 6-2, 6-2


Name: SmartCrowd
Started: 2018
Founder: Siddiq Farid and Musfique Ahmed
Based: Dubai
Sector: FinTech / PropTech
Initial investment: $650,000
Current number of staff: 35
Investment stage: Series A
Investors: Various institutional investors and notable angel investors (500 MENA, Shurooq, Mada, Seedstar, Tricap)


Director:+Monika Mitchell

Starring:+Alyssa Milano, Sam Page, Colleen Wheeler

Rating: 3/5


5pm: Wathba Stallions Cup – Handicap (PA) Dh70,000 (Turf) 2,200m
Winner: Al Hazeez, Saif Al Balushi (jockey), Khalifa Al Neyadi (trainer)
5.30pm: Shams Gate Tower – Maiden (PA) Dh80,000 (T) 1,200m
Winner: ES Sudani, Antonio Fresu, Hamad Al Marar
6pm: Al Bahr Towers – Handicap (PA) Dh80,000 (T) 1,200m
Winner: AF Musannef, Tadhg O’Shea, Ernst Oertel
6.30pm: Capital Gate – Maiden (PA) Dh80,000 (T) 1,600m
Winner: Shugga'A Baynounah, Dane O’Neill, Nisren Mahgoub
7pm: Etihad Towers – Conditions (PA) Dh80,000 (T) 1,600m
Winner: AF Maqam, Tadhg O’Shea, Ernst Oertel
7.30pm: Fairmont Marina – Maiden (TB) Dh80,000 (T) 1,600m
Winner: Tempesta D'Oro, Xavier Ziani, Salem bin Ghadayer

Sweet Tooth

Creator: Jim Mickle
Starring: Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Stefania LaVie Owen
Rating: 2.5/5

Copa del Rey final

Sevilla v Barcelona, Saturday, 11.30pm (UAE), match on Bein Sports


Started: November 2017

Founders: Mounir Nakhla, Ahmed Mohsen and Mohamed Aboulnaga

Based: Cairo, Egypt

Sector: transport and logistics

Size: 150+ employees

Investment: approximately $8 million

Investors include: Singapore’s Battery Road Digital Holdings, Egypt’s Algebra Ventures, Uber co-founder and former CTO Oscar Salazar

Director: Nag Ashwin

Starring: Prabhas, Saswata Chatterjee, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Shobhana

Rating: ★★★★

Nepotism is the name of the game

Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, is one of Bollywood’s most legendary screenwriters. Through his partnership with co-writer Javed Akhtar, Salim is credited with having paved the path for the Indian film industry’s blockbuster format in the 1970s. Something his son now rules the roost of. More importantly, the Salim-Javed duo also created the persona of the “angry young man” for Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan in the 1970s, reflecting the angst of the average Indian. In choosing to be the ordinary man’s “hero” as opposed to a thespian in new Bollywood, Salman Khan remains tightly linked to his father’s oeuvre. Thanks dad. 

UAE currency: the story behind the money in your pockets
Herc's Adventures

Developer: Big Ape Productions
Publisher: LucasArts
Console: PlayStation 1 & 5, Sega Saturn
Rating: 4/5

Company Profile

Name: Direct Debit System
Started: Sept 2017
Based: UAE with a subsidiary in the UK
Industry: FinTech
Funding: Undisclosed
Investors: Elaine Jones
Number of employees: 8

Company Profile

Company name: Cargoz
Date started: January 2022
Founders: Premlal Pullisserry and Lijo Antony
Based: Dubai
Number of staff: 30
Investment stage: Seed


Director: Sally El-Hosaini

Stars: Nathalie Issa, Manal Issa, Ahmed Malek and Ali Suliman 

Rating: 4/5

Most F1 world titles

7 — Michael Schumacher (1994, ’95, 2000, ’01 ’02, ’03, ’04)

7 — Lewis Hamilton (2008, ’14,’15, ’17, ’18, ’19, ’20)

5 — Juan Manuel Fangio (1951, ’54, ’55, ’56, ’57)

4 — Alain Prost (1985, ’86, ’89, ’93)

4 — Sebastian Vettel (2010, ’11, ’12, ’13)

Huddersfield Town permanent signings:

  • Steve Mounie (striker): signed from Montpellier for £11 million
  • Tom Ince (winger): signed from Derby County for £7.7m
  • Aaron Mooy (midfielder): signed from Manchester City for £7.7m
  • Laurent Depoitre (striker): signed from Porto for £3.4m
  • Scott Malone (defender): signed from Fulham for £3.3m
  • Zanka (defender): signed from Copenhagen for £2.3m
  • Elias Kachunga (winger): signed for Ingolstadt for £1.1m
  • Danny WIlliams (midfielder): signed from Reading on a free transfer
Company Profile

Name: HyveGeo
Started: 2023
Founders: Abdulaziz bin Redha, Dr Samsurin Welch, Eva Morales and Dr Harjit Singh
Based: Cambridge and Dubai
Number of employees: 8
Industry: Sustainability & Environment
Funding: $200,000 plus undisclosed grant
Investors: Venture capital and government


Date started: January 2017
Founder: Khaled Zaatarah 
Based: Dubai and Los Angeles
Sector: Technology 
Size: 21 employees
Funding: $7 million 
Investors: Shorooq Partners, KBW Ventures, Vision Ventures, Hala Ventures, 500Startups, Plug and Play, Magnus Olsson, Samih Toukan, Jonathan Labin


Battery: 60kW lithium-ion phosphate
Power: Up to 201bhp
0 to 100kph: 7.3 seconds
Range: 418km
Price: From Dh149,900
Available: Now