Who wants to be a millionaire? – Pocketful of Dirhams

Becoming a millionaire is a dream for many – to have the financial freedom to never worry again about paying bills or living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

But reaching that $1 million mark is easier said than done. It takes patience, discipline and a "millionaire mindset" to reach your financial goals.

It’s also about having a long-term investment strategy, living below your means and sticking to a budget that will allow you to invest your savings regularly and get your money to start reaping the benefits of compounding interest as soon as possible.

But what exactly is a millionaire mindset and how do you manage your money like a millionaire?

Host Felicity Glover is joined by Sam Instone, the co-chief executive of wealth management company AES, who shares his advice on how to change your mindset and reach your financial goals.

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