Left holding the mic: will shareholders still love Twitter and Facebook?

This week, a rundown of reputational fallout at the world's biggest platforms and what it means for share prices in the year ahead

Shares in Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet – Google's parent company – all slid at the start of the week. But analysts say they won't fall far.

This week, co-hosts Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner dig into the unfolding drama at the world's biggest platforms and what it means for the future of US civility and shareholder sentiment.

The National's social media editor Cody Combs lays out the partisan accusations over anti-trust and censorship levied against Facebook before the events of January 6, and then the fallout for Mark Zuckerberg's company and other platforms as Big Tech's role in the insurrection came to light.

Then, Neil Campling, a research head at Mirabaud Securities, makes predictions for tech stocks in 2021 amid mounting risks. He shares his thoughts on if break-ups are in the offing and how much room is left for these giants to grow (hint: a lot).

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