How to build and keep trust post-Covid 19: Business Extra

Edelman's regional CEO on how expectations have changed for employers and governments

Attitudes of trust towards governments, employers, CEOs, the traditional media and social media companies have been in flux over the last 12 months. Globally, employers have become more trusted than any other institution, according to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer.

In the UAE, government is the most trusted. For all however, the experience of Covid-19 has included increased and more consistent communication to get us through the health crisis safety. This has set a new benchmark, and for those who want to build trust, or those who want to maintain high levels, they will need to keep up with heightened expectations from people who have been through a lot.

Host Mustafa Alrawi, The National's assistant editor in chief, and co-host Kelsey Warner, Future editor discuss changing attitudes to trust with Edelman's Middle East chief executive Omar Qirem.

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Tracking trust this year (0m 48s) Who ranks the highest on the Edelman Trust Barometer? (2m 01s) Saving lives with communication (5m 08s) Tactical advice for CEOs on building trust (11m 42s)