Feryal Ahmadi of DMCC on how global trade will be remapped in the 2020s

The COO of Dubai’s trade free zone outlines scenarios

Rising protectionism and technology are changing the shape of trade. To capitalise on emerging dynamics, unprecedented global cooperation is needed - with the UAE at a critical hub.

This is according to Feryal Ahmadi, chief operating officer of Dubai's trade free zone at the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, who joins co-hosts Kelsey Warner and Mustafa Alrawi this week.

Ms Ahmadi maps out scenarios for how trade will develop in the 2020s based on DMCC’s research and interviews with experts across eight key trade hubs including Dubai, Houston, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley and Zurich.

DMCC, which oversees the trading of commodities from pulses to diamonds, has 17,500 member companies in its free zone.

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In this episode

  • Dynamics remapping trade (0m 40s)
  • Opportunities for the UAE (3m 41s)
  • Recommendations for businesses and governments (9m 38s)