Behind the scenes at 'humbled' Boeing: Business Extra

The embattled aviation giant hosted media from the Middle East ahead of the Dubai Air Show next month. Aviation correspondent Deena Kamel describes her trip

After flight software aboard its 737 Max jet was suspected to be the culprit of two airline crashes within the last 12 months, Boeing has been forced to ground all 387 of the aircraft worldwide; impacting 8,600 weekly flights and forcing 59 airlines to come up with alternatives.

It is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft, but a fall from grace has led to Boeing facing regulators and customers demanding answers and scrambling to return its best-selling 737 Max aircraft to the skies. Host Kelsey Warner speaks to The National's aviation correspondent Deena Kamel, who has recently returned from a visit to Boeing's US production facilities.

Deena explains the company’s plans for the future, including its damage control efforts around the 737 Max but also looking at other parts of its business, including its ambitious space travel plans. She also discusses plans to launch a low-cost airline from Abu Dhabi International Airport through a new joint venture between Etihad Airways and Air Arabia.

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Boeing 737 Max (1m 57s)

Boeing and NASA (14m 34s) Etihad and Air Arabia (20m 36s)