Business Extra: Tech Edition - How an AI model will transform the health sector

The new clinical large language model is designed to assist healthcare professionals and patients

Large language models, more commonly known as LLM, are the backbone of what makes artificial intelligence so intelligent.

M42, Abu Dhabi's technology-enabled healthcare company, has designed a clinical generative AI LLM to serve as an assistant to doctors, patients, nursing staff and other health professionals.

Since October 2023, Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health has been helping with the eventual implementation of a new clinical generative AI LLM, Med42, across the emirate’s healthcare system.

Host Cody Combs sits down with Shadab Khan, head of AI and applied sciences at M42, to talk about the company's hopes for the large language model and its potential impact on the healthcare industry.

Updated: February 09, 2024, 6:51 PM