Business Extra: OSN chief on Ramadan and watching trends

Joe Kawkabani joins Business Extra this week

Ramadan is the time of year when consumers in the Middle East tend to up their TV, streaming and media consumption.

Joe Kawkabani, chief executive of OSN Group, one of the largest entertainment content companies in the region, joins Business Extra this week to talk about trends in streaming this Ramadan.

OSN is investing in data science to know more about their customers’ preferences and consumption behaviour to better recommend content to them, Mr Kawkabani said. The privately held media conglomerate is open for acquisitions and partnerships, he added.

In this episode:

OSN's content, partners and viewership (0m 33s)

Ramadan viewership trends and the subscription model (4m 03s)

OSN Originals and competing for attention (7m 27s)

Recruiting talent and what's next for streaming services (13m 37s)

Updated: April 12, 2023, 8:01 AM