Supply chains are ready for disruption, according to investors: Business Extra

Global Ventures partner Sacha Haider joins this week

Sacha Haider, a partner at Global Ventures, joins Business Extra host Kelsey Warner this week to discuss supply chain technology.

Ms Haider is the youngest partner in venture capital in the region and she is leading the investment team, focusing on technology and emerging markets.

In this podcast episode, they speak on investing in emerging markets, access to digital services and goods, and recent consumption trends.

Looking at building a sustainable future, Ms Haider said that supply chain sustainability is among the main areas of importance, in addition to agriculture technology, food security and energy scarcity.

In this episode:

Sacha Haider on investing in supply chains (0m 32s)

Technology and the disruption of supply chains (6m 30s)

The consumers that will drive the market (11m 00s)

Initiatives in the UAE that will make it more than a hub (18m 47s)

Updated: March 10, 2023, 3:47 PM