A reality check for energy markets - Business Extra

Uncertainty sky high as Saudi Arabia warns on global oil supply and Russia faces more sanctions over Ukraine conflict

Sanctions on Russian crude over the Ukraine conflict have increased concerns about supply, sending already high energy prices rocketing. Saudi Arabia warned it will not bear any responsibility for global supply shortages following attacks on its energy infrastructure.

Along with Russia, the kingdom leads the 23-member Opec+ oil producer alliance which has been working to keep markets stable. Inflationary pressures are impacting expectations of worldwide economic growth this year, potentially impacting future levels of energy demand.

The energy transition toward lower carbon emissions depends on investment meeting targets. While renewables capacity is on the rise and hydrogen as a fuel gathers momentum, will there be enough capital for both the push to net zero and meeting short-term fossil fuel requirements?

Industry expert Dr Carole Nakhle, chief executive of Crystol Energy, joins hosts Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner to discuss all of these themes.

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The uncertainty behind the energy market (0m 48s)

Is there enough investment in oil and gas? (7m 08s)

Europe's efforts in renewable energy and the energy transition (9m 45s)

Where is the supply going to come from? (14m 23s)

Updated: June 02, 2023, 10:54 AM