Business Extra: AI and cybersecurity predictions for 2022

Experts from the World Economic Forum consider the year ahead

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Sharp uptick in robot orders in the US amid a worker shortage. Historically large cyber and ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure. A chip shortage that threatened to grind the auto industry to a halt.

Looking back on some of the biggest technology threats of 2021, experts from the World Economic Forum, Algirde Pipikaite, cybersecurity lead, and Jayant Narayan, AI and machine learning lead, weigh in on what we learnt – and where we are headed.

This is what to expect in 2022 on the frontiers of AI and cybersecurity.

In this episode

How was 2021 for AI? (1m 02s)

The displacement of work by automation (2m 19s)

Predictions for AI in 2022 (5m 10s)

Where are we in the evolution of FinTech? (8m 54s)

2021 and cybersecurity (7m 44s)

The risk environment in cybersecurity (9m 46s)

Trends in 2022 for cybersecurity (13m 07s)

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Updated: December 29, 2021, 2:00 AM