Beyond the Headlines: Raqqa after 10 years of war in Syria

March 2013, Raqqa. The Syrian revolution is in full swing. A crowd gathers around a statue of Hafez Al Assad in the centre of the city. The statue is of President Bashar Al Assad's father and, much like the Assad regime, has looked over this part of Syria for five decades. Though not for much longer. Activists and members of the Free Syrian Army chant Allahu Akbar, and fire at the statue as it is pulled down. The relic lies on its side, they climb on top of it – Raqqa is now the first provincial capital to fall to the revolution. But this was only the beginning. Darker times lay ahead. This is the story of Raqqa's revolution, why it failed, and what has become of the city after 10 years of war and revolution in Syria. On this week's Beyond the Headlines, host Gareth Browne, just back from Raqqa, looks at 10 years of conflict in Syria.